Registration fee

Pay attention!
All payments are processed within 5 business days.
Do not send payment receipts to the Organizing Committee. We cannot verify them.
Please ask questions about your payments to INNO-Mir↓↓↓!

The fee for publishing extended abstracts in English is 5500 rubles. per article (5790 & nbsp; rubles when paying with a bank card). Payment is made in the same way as the registration fee. 

You can see  payment of extended thesises here.

Please note that extended abstracts in English will NOT be published if the authors do not present papers at the conference or pay any of the registration fee components, as well as if the extended abstracts are rejected based on the results of peer review.

Payment for participation in the publication of extended abstracts is carried out by bank transfer through the Limited Liability Company "Center for Interregional Innovative Development" (LLC "INNO-MIR").

Methods of payment of the registration fee:

  1. Under an agreement with a legal entity.
    To do this, you need to fill out the contract and agree it with your organization and send it to electronically to the address,
    After the contract is concluded and signed by INNO-MIR LLC, you will be billed for the registration fee.
    The original documents on payment of the registration fee (invoice, contract and certificate of completion) will be issued at the conference if there is a power of attorney to receive financial documents.
  2. Bank transfer by an individual.
    To make a payment, you need download the receipt and pay through the bank, indicating your full name. At the conference you will be able to receive a receipt. You receive a cashier's check when making a payment at the bank. 
    (If necessary, you can additionally draw up an contract for an individual).
  3. Credit card.
    To pay by card, you must send your contact details - full name, phone number and e-mail - to the manager, as well as indicate the number of publications to be paid.

    A payment link will be sent to the specified contacts.

    Payment documents (receipt and cash receipt) will be provided during registration for the conference. To draw up an agreement, see the template of an agreement with an individual.

For all questions that arise with filling out the contract, paying the registration fee and other financial issues, please contact INNO-MIR LLC by e-mail, as well as by phone +7 (911) 840-53-48.