Registration fee

Pay attention!
All payments are processed within 5 business days.
That is, the payment status in the personal account is updated within 5 days.
Do not send payment receipts to us. The Organizing Committee cannot verify them.
Please ask questions about your payments to INNO-MIR↓↓↓!


Payment Time Before September 2, 2023 Until October 18, 2023 During the conference 
Amount of registration fee  10000 RUB 13000 rub   15000 RUB
When paying by credit card 10500 RUB 13650 RUB  15750 RUB

After October 18, payment is only possible during the conference.

Payment of the registration fee for participation in the conference is carried out by bank transfer through the Limited Liability Company "Center for Interregional Innovative Development" (LLC "INNO-MIR") until October 18, 2022

Organization fee payment methods:

  1. Under an agreement with a legal entity.
    To do this, you need to fill out the contract and coordinate it with your organization and send it electronically to,
    After the contract is concluded and signed by INNO-MIR LLC, you will be billed for the registration fee.
    The original documents on payment of the registration fee (invoice, contract and certificate of completion) will be issued at the conference if there is a power of attorney to receive financial documents.
  2. Bank transfer by an individual.
    To do this, you need to fill out the contract and send it electronically to Please note that in this case, the customer must be an individual. To do this, in the header and details of the contract, you must specify your Surname, First Name, Patronymic (in full), passport details and registration.
    The registration fee is paid by bank transfer by receipt or by bank card .
  3. To pay by credit card
    you must send a written request to the email address :

    I want to pay the registration fee for the International Conference PhysicA.SPb with a bank card:
    Number of registration fees:  

    To avoid misunderstanding , be sure to specify WHO FOR WHOM you pay according to your personal[th] offices[y] in the system
    That is, if you pay for Gromonosov, Chernykh and Panteleev, and you yourself are Vikniksor, then without specifying "for whom" we will not understand the purpose of the payment, even if you appear in the co-authors.

    By clicking on  in your mail client you will receive a form ready to be filled in.

    Within one business day, you will receive an invoice and a payment link by email.


Please note that there is a 3% fee when paying with a bank card.
A receipt and cashier's check will be issued upon registration for the conference.

For all questions that arise with filling out documents, paying the registration fee and other financial issues, please contact Zemlyanskaya Irina by e-mail, or call +7 (911) 840-53-48 (from 12.00 to 17.00 - Moscow time).